The cover and several pages from Spider-boy Team-Up #1 by Karl Kesel, Jose Ladronn, Juan Vlasco, Joe Rosas, Bill Oakley, Digital Chameleon, and Ralph Felder.

Easily the best of the Amalgam comics I read this week, Spider-boy Team-Up features an amusing, imaginative script from Karl Kesel and awesome art from Jose Ladronn. His Kirby meets manga style is absolutely perfect for this book and he does a great job designing three different Amalgamated versions of the Legion of Superheroes. I loved the one page tribute/parody of Keith Giffen’s ‘Five Years Later’ era. They even used a Giffen-esque nine panel grid!

Not that ongoing books were ever in the cards for Amalgam, but as I mentioned in my look at the first Spider-boy, I think the concept is one of the few Amalgam ideas that was built-up enough that it could have supported one, and this issue does nothing to change that. I would have happily read a few years of a Kesel/Ladronn Spider-boy.