The covers and several pages from Legends of the DC Universe #22 and #23 by The Lofficiers, Ladronn, Aiken, Dutro, Loughridge, McTigue, and Cavalieri. Covers by Steve Rude.

This is a retelling/expansion of a story originally done by Jack Kirby in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen. You can see a bit of that art here. Ladronn is a great choice for a Kirby-esque story of course, and he comes up with some pretty funky monster designs. I love the bit with the werewolves riding battle yaks. I don’t know why Kirby’s story needed to be changed and retold rather than just being built upon, but it’s neat to see more of the micro-planet Transilvane in any case. I’m surprised DC hasn’t used the concept more, really.