The covers and several pages from Black Panther #4, #5, and #6 by Kirby, Royer, Vartanoff, Kato, and Goodwin.

More of Kirby’s Black Panther. These issues see the nefarious Collectors force BP and his diminutive sidekick to trek to a hidden Himalayan city in search of a sort of fountain of youth. They come up against a smorgasbord of Asian fantasy tropes including a yeti and a gang of immortal samurai. I absolutely adore that Sphinxy flying rail car vehicle, it’s perhaps my favorite piece of design in the whole series. I think these issues also have the most visceral fight scenes of the run. Also, I love the ‘Admired By’ credit that Archie Goodwin sometimes gives himself on the title pages. I wonder if he did that often or was it just with Kirby books?