The cover and several pages from Captain Marvel #35 (1974) by Engelhart, Friedrich, Alcala, Orzechowski, G. Wein, and Thomas

I rather enjoyed the previous issue of this Captain Marvel series and was glad to find #35 at my local comic store. I was under the impression that Jim Starlin was the driving force behind this run so I was a bit surprised to see some creative shuffling between issues. Here Steve Englehart moves from scripting to plotting and Alfredo Alcala handles the art with Starlin nowhere to be found. It’s still a fun issue though. Friedrich’s dialogue isn’t quite as snappy as Englehart’s but he doesn’t bog down the story. Alcala’s pencils aren’t nearly as energetic as Starlin’s, nor are his layouts as complex, but this is still really appealing art with especially interesting figure work. I’m mainly familiar with Alcala from fantasy and horror stuff, and he does seem to bring a touch of otherworldliness to what is otherwise a straightforward superhero story. Also, for the second issue in a row, I’ve enjoyed Glynis Wein’s colors. I’d like to find more issues in this run and see what this Lunatic Legion is all about!