One last trip into the Wasteland for now. Here’s the cover and several pages from #5, by by Close, Ostrander, Freeman, Lloyd, Messner-Loebs, Simpson, Kindzierski, Craddock, and Gold.

I thought I had two issues of this book left to read, but as was hinted at in the comments to my first post on Wasteland, issue #6 originally shipped with the exact same interior contents as #5. That’s a helluva printing error, one which I heard about many years after I pulled these comics out of a dollar bin.

Anyway, this was perhaps the least satisfying issue of Wasteland so far. There’s a confusing if somewhat chilling anti-war story and a lame autobiographic piece from Close. The third story saves the issue from being a total loss though. It’s a weird comedy piece, with Close and Ostrander crossing themselves over with DC characters and threatening to kill the readers. I don’t think a comic has ever done that to me before and I liked it.